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Hair   >   Hyaluronic Hair Line


Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid acts by filling the hair shaft, smoothing unruly cuticle layers and giving your hair bounce, volume and a healthy, frizz-free appearance.


  • Rejuvenates the appearance of your hair, adding shine, texture, bounce and volume.
  • Leaves your hair soft and easy to comb.
  • Controls volume and reduces frizz, leaving your hair looking smoother.
  • Shine and natural vitality.
  • Increases hair shaft diameter, giving your hair more body.

Keratinliss Hair Straightening and Smoothening Treatment
Nirvel Professional

Hyaluronic Shampoo

Hair repair shampoo 250ml (8.4 fl oz)

Hyaluronic Shampoo

Price:   £11.69
Nirvel Professional

Hyaluronic Elixir Serum

Hair repair serum 125ml (4.2 fl oz)

Hyaluronic Elixir Serum

Price:   £14.04
Nirvel Professional

Hyaluronic Filler

Hair rejuvenating treatment 250ml (8.4 fl oz)

Hyaluronic Filler

Price:   £46.94
Nirvel Professional

Hyaluronic Treatment Kit

Hyaluronic Treatment Kit 3 Products

Hyaluronic Treatment Kit

Price:   £58.69

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