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Makki MAKKI Professional Trio Cosmetic Sharpener with Tip-former Cosmetic Sharpeners COSMETIC SHARPENERS| recommended MAKKI Professional Trio Cosmetic Sharpener with Tip-former from Makki
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Eye Cosmetics  >  COSMETIC SHARPENERS  >  MAKKI Professional Trio Cosmetic Sharpener with Tip-former

MAKKI Professional Trio Cosmetic Sharpener with Tip-former from Makki «

MAKKI Professional Trio Cosmetic Sharpener with Tip-former
Product:MAKKI Professional Trio Cosmetic Sharpener with Tip-former from Makki « - Cosmetic Sharpeners


Creates Round or Pointed pencil tip

Can sharpen 3 pencil sizes 8mm + 10mm + 12 mm so you will have a sharpener for almost all cosmetic pencil sizes.

Strong - Durable - immovable rasor sharp blade - no wobble - no cracking - round or pointed tip - all types of pencils -wood and plastic - soft and hard lead formulas - almost all cosmetic sizes.

Eyeliner, Lipliner, Eyebrow Pencil, Eyeshadow Pencil, Concealers, Eyeshadow Pencils, Nail White Pencils and other cosmetic pencils.

Modern cosmetic pencils are no longer just colour,now they come in many different formulas for different applications and contain caring and other ingredients. They are also made from wide variety of wood and plastic.

Depending on the formula and the intended application you may choose between round tip or pointed tip.

For some applications it maybe more convenient to use your cosmetic pencil with short round tip, eg wide area application but on other occasions you may want to use it with a pointed tip for fine lining.

Some cosmetic pencils should only be sharpened to a round tip because their formula is too soft so it will break is the tip is long and sharp. Other pencils should only be sharpened to a pointed tip, especially those with hard formula such as nail white pencils.

MAKKI Trio Cosmetic Sharpener with tipformer gives you the freedom of selecting the right tip for the right pencil and the right application.

It come with a removable tipformer system, when the tipformer is in place you get a round tip, when removed you get a pointed tip.

The cutting blade is razor sharp and absolutely immovable. This enables you to turn the pencil more easily, it is firm and does not wobble whatsoever.

It sharpens wood and plastic cased pencils with the same perfection.

The blade which is engineered and made in Germany is made of high carbon steel and protected against rust and oxidation.

No cracking

Dynamic Torsion Action®, keeps the blade under positive tension during the sharpening process. The blade adjusts dynamically to the different forces bearing on the pencil while sharpening.



Tipformer in Place



Remove Tip-former

Replace Tip-former


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