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Egyptwonder Gold Fever Tattoo Temporary Tattoo 50 motives Gold Fever| recommended Gold Fever Tattoo from Egyptwonder
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EGYPT-WONDER ®  >  Gold Fever  >  Gold Fever Tattoo

Gold Fever Tattoo from Egypt Wonder ®

Gold Fever Tattoo
Product:Gold Fever Tattoo from Egypt Wonder ® - Temporary Tattoo
Size:50 motives
Description:A cutting edge fashion innovation, extra touch of glamour

EGYPT-WONDER Gold Fever tattoos are classy, ¿¿exclusive, and an absolute eye-catcher! The glamorous body jewelry with real gold content (23.75 carats) set each part of the body, with over 50 designs to fit the scene.

The coming trend is gold body jewelry á la Hollywood. EGYPT-WONDER Gold Fever tattoos are already a reality! Elegant and exclusive, more than 50 motives are available for your selection. With real gold content (23.75 carats) Gold Fever tattoos are an absolute eye-catcher for every occasion! Whether on the wrist, décolleté, shoulders, back or any desired part of the body.


1) Pull the foil off the tattoo and place it on the desired spot of your body.

2) Moisten the paper with a sponge and press the tattoo firmly on your skin for about 10 seconds.

3) Then pull the paper gently off.

GOLD FEVER TATTOOS now holds up to 5 days on your skin.

You can remove GOLD FEVER TATTOOS at anytime by applying cream or baby oil and then washing it off with alcohol.

Made in Germany

  Price: £ 19.96
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