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Etnica Facial Whitening Cream Skin Lightening / Whitening 250 ml Black Ethnic Skin| recommended Facial Whitening Cream from Etnica
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Ethnic Black Care  >  Black Ethnic Skin  >  Facial Whitening Cream

Facial Whitening Cream from Etnica®

Facial Whitening Cream
Product:Facial Whitening Cream from Etnica® - Skin Lightening / Whitening
Size:250 ml

Black people's skin has particular structure that requires special care. The Ethnic Line by Nirvel, was developed purposely for these needs. Black people's skin is characterised by increased activity of the melanocytes, which can be found in the epidermis and give the skin the much darker colour. this peculiarity also affects water loss which is much higher in this type of skin.

  • Any kind of stimulus (a spot, a scratch, a swelling .. etc) causes anti-aesthetic blemishes.

  • The skin dehydrates easily.

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Facial Whitening Cream

A new technique within the melanogenesis mechanism that achieves a more evenly coloured and brighter skin without any imperfections and with a noticeably lighter colour. Contains Lumiskin which helps to reduce pigmentation in the epidermis and also reduces melanin production. APPLICATION: Morning and night following a facial cleaning. First results appear in three weeks.

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