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Drula Drula Bleaching Wax Depigmentation 30 ml Drula Bleaching Wax| recommended Drula Bleaching Wax from Drula
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Drula Bleaching Wax from Drula ®

Drula Bleaching Wax
Product:Drula Bleaching Wax from Drula ® - Depigmentation
Size:30 ml

DRULA ® Bleaching Wax
DRULA Bleaching Wax  well-known for more than 50 years
* genuine only with Ephelidin *


The problem

Dark discolorations of the skin are caused by an increase in the amount of melanin pigment in the skin.  It can be hereditary as in freckles or liver spots or develop with increased age as in age spots.  It can be related to pregnancy or from the use of oral contraceptive as in melasma also called mask of pregnancy.  These harmless pigment irregularities usually develop gradually and become markedly after sun exposure.  They are often very obstinate and worrying.  For people suffering from this hyper-pigmentation it is frequently an emotional burden.

People wishing to have lighter complexion


The well-known problem solver


The active ingredient EPHELIDIN contains the new Diacetyl Boldin that has a proved skin lightening activity and the well-known complex of zinc and titanium oxide, which protects the skin against UVA-and UVB-rays.  The result is a reduction of hyper-pigmentation and the skin fades to match normal skin.

DRULA BLEACHING WAX is very skin compatible.


When to recommend DRULA BLEACHING WAX?
  • in case of pigment spots and hyper-pigmentations due to increased melanin production such as. freckles, age spots, melasma (mask of pregnancy), sun spots, liver spots.
  • in case of skin impurities, e.g. pimples, blackheds
  • Overall Skin Lightening / Whitening / Bleaching
How does BLEACHING WAX work?
The lightening agent works by disintegrating and slowing down the production of melanin pigment in the skin. As less and less melanin is produced the darkened skin gradually fades to match normal skin. 
normal skin skin with pigment skin after application of Drula
Result as seen under a microscope
Cosmetic Effect
  • hyper-pigmentations gradually fade to match normal skin
  • skin impurities will disappear
  • If used for skin lightening, overall skin colour will become brighter and lighter evenly within short period of time
  • every morning and evening: cleanse your skin with DRULA COMPLEXION SOAP which agrees with the ingredients of DRULA BLEACHING WAX
  • afterwards rub in DRULA BLEACHING WAX on affected parts only
  • If used for skin lightening, rub it on the area that you wish to lighten its colour e.g face.
  • avoid direct sun during day-time, UV rays will reverse the lightening effect
  • additional use of  DRULA BEAUTY MILK (SPF 6, US standard 12) during day-time will maximize the lightening effect
  • to maintain achieved results, use DRULA BLEACHING WAX every second day and use DRULA BEAUTY MILK during daytime
  • noticeable fading needs at least one month, most people see satisfying results within two months
  • when the skin is a little dry during the treatment with DRULA BLEACHING WAX use DRULA COMPLEXION OIL, an excellent moisturiser

Drula Products were first formulated by Dr. O. Druckery in Germany in 1925, throughout the years Drula products have won international acclaim through prestigious beauty shows:


  • Grand Prix/Gold Medal- London(1934)
  • Grand Prix/Gold Medal- Paris(1934)
  • Gold Medal- Florence (1934)

The company continued to improve and enhance its products since then. Drula Bleaching Wax is probably the most used skin lightening product in the world!

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