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    Men Zone
Men's Total Care Face, Body and Hair Gifset

Men's Total Care Face, Body and Hair Gifset

Nirvel Homme Giftset Men's Complete Care Skin, Body and Hair in a Luxury genuine leather hand bag

Anti Wrinkle Aftershave

Anti Wrinkle Aftershave

Revolutionary Moisturizing Balm that soothes, moisturise and revives the whole face after shaving. It also has intensified uplifting and anti wrinkle action. Non-irritant and prevents skin from drying and leaves it firmer. WITHOUT ALCOHOL

Mens Stomach Reducer

Mens Stomach Reducer

Creamy gel developed particularly to reduce the size of the abdomen resulting from lack of physical excercise, unbalanced diet or stomach relaxation.Contains a mixture of lypolytic active ingredients and draining agents to promote liquid removal and fat burning.

Bull Power Potency Booster

Bull Power Potency Booster

Nutritional Supplement with BULL TESTICLES POWDER

What do sexuality and nutrition have to do with each other?

Unbalanced nutrition with denatured preparation like fast food weakens the strength of the body and makes it very difficult to live in a strong and stable partnership. In this age and hectic time, it is often not possible to maintain high quality balanced nutrition.

Bull's Testicle Poweder

From Bull's testicles, contains concentrated proteins. For centuraries, people from northern Europe have been wondering where the hot-blooded passion of the Spanish come from? The secret of the Spanish fire is "cojones fritos" (Fried Bull's Testicles) this is a speciality in Spain.

Cola Seeds

Cola seeds set free caffeine and has a stimulating effect on the nervous system and increases blood pressure and fitness.


Lecithin contains phospholipids, which support the nerves capacity and the power. It contains precursors of substances that play an important role in the conduction system.

Okasa Potency Strengthener

Okasa Potency Strengthener

Nutritional Supplement with:


CREATES NEW POWER RESERVES AND INCREASES EFFICIENCY In today's fast moving life style, the male human being is always exposed to stronger strains. Job, family and environment produce a pressure that is becoming a permanent stress. Vitality declines. Therefore, every man should do something about this for himself.


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