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    Applicators & Brushes
Professional Handmade Brushes

Professional Handmade Brushes

Superior quality brushes hand sculpted in Germany made from either natural hair or super fine synthetic hair. Natural tips of each hair is intact and the tips are NOT CUT.

Big and Black

Big and Black

Egypt Wonder BIG & BLACK


for compact and liquid make-up

..and especially for all Egypt-Wonder products.

Special feature : using a scissor you can cut it to create 2 or more sponges according to your own need -create your own shape!.

Washable at 30 Degree C

Retractable Pocket brush

Retractable Pocket brush

Tana Pocket Brush

This brush retracts into its handle.

This brush is specially made for use with Egypt Wonder, but it can also be used for blusher and other make up uses.

Eye brushes and Combs

Eye brushes and Combs

A selection of brushes and combs for eyelashes and eyebrows

Lip Brush

Lip Brush

The TANA lips brush made of genuine pony hair is perfectly suited to your lips contour drawing. Moreover, the lip brush for health reasons highly recommended because it is flexible and lockable.


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