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Makki Bust Up Cream Breast Firming & Enlargement 200ml Bust Up Cream| recommended Bust Up Cream from Makki
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Bust Up Cream from Makki ®

Bust Up Cream
Product:Bust Up Cream from Makki ® - Breast Firming & Enlargement

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Breast Firming and enlargement Cream

BUST UP Cream deeply restructures, rejuvenates and revitalises the breast area. It has a strong toning, firming and enlargement effects on the breast.

The new unique herbal formula combines the three most powerful breast firming, toning and enlargement ingredients, which ensure that your breast will not only be firmer, fuller and smoother but also larger in size and more vibrant within only few weeks.

The main ingredients are:

KIGELIA AFRICANA (from the African Sausage Tree):

Clinically proven to improve firmness and elasticity of the breast skin by 50 - 70%. It acts on the muscles. Kigelia Africana also has Anti Ageing and anti oxidant effects in addition to reducing skin reddening and irritation, it is soothing effect and has excellent moisturising properties.


Bio Bustyl® is one of the most recent ingredients that is specifically formulated for tightening and firming loose and saggy breast and to define the breast outline. Bio Bustyl® is rich in growth factors and contains two important lipopeptides, one is a collagen fragment and the other is elastine fragment. Bio Bustyl® acts by stimulating collagen and elastine development, energizing the skin by stimulating metabolism and respiration. The breast is rejuvenated.

In clinical studies, Bio-Bustyl® increased firmness by 18.5%, tone by 13%, and reduced skin fatique by 16.5%.

Centella Asiatica

Superb rejuvenating agent, this herbal ingredient is used following operations, trauma, burns, ulcers and wounds to prevent the formation excess tissues and scars and to enhance the healing process with its modulating and rejuvenating properties. When applied on the breast, it improves the development of the connective tissue, stimulateS synthesis of collagen, enhances blood circulation and flow, improves skin metabolism and has skin tightening and firming effects, making the breast larger, firmer, younger looking and more vibrant.

Horsetail Plant

Horsetail is rich in vegetal silicon more than any other plant (6-8%). Improves circulation, boosts and rejuvenate the connective tissues which contributes towards enlarging the breast. Silica has smoothing and softening effect on the skin. Horsetail plants improves collagen and elastine biosynthesis, the Silicon links the collagen fibre produced and therefore it rebuild and restructure the connective tissue.



Apply to well cleansed breast, massage the breast with circular movements upwards twice a day.

Size: 200ml

Not tested on animals


Q: Can I use Bust Up Cream on my hips and thighs
A: Yes

Q: Can I use Bust Up Cream on the neck.
A: Yes.

  Price: US$ 62.90
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